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2015 you loan rates why so high?

has cut interest rates twice, is expected in 2015 Central Bank will cut interest rates. Loan interest rates have been low in a complete mess, but in real life and on the Web, lending rates are 10% or 20% are everywhere, so why your loan interest rates so high?
is not home loans
since the Central Bank March 1 cut the benchmark lending and deposit rates, the major banks housing Provident Fund policy and has made the appropriate adjustments, as well as many city banks still preferential policies to keep mortgage interest rates, the Central Bank cut interest rates and mortgage rates discounted double positive makes loan purchase significant cost reductions. Currently, the first commercial mortgage rates generally fell to 5.9% provident fund interest rate is 3.5%.

are not civil servants or monopoly of State-owned enterprises
the present high interest rate loans are generally unsecured, tend to be 10%, or even 20%. But even unsecured loans, not everyone is high. Applicant for a civil servant or public institutions and large State-owned enterprises and income is very stable, the Bank valued resource in this regard, many banks have the unsecured loan products aimed at these groups, as regards interest rates, the base with the Central Bank's benchmark interest rate.

poor credit history
"banks now pay special attention to customer quality and credit. "The head of the credit Department of a bank. "Before I apply for mortgage, do not know your personal credit record. "Mr Yu says, he went to look for a House a while ago, and purchase paid 100,000 yuan deposit, then start applying for mortgages, but in the process of applying for mortgages out of the question.

banks told him that his credit record more overdue, except in accordance with a benchmark interest rate floating 10% loan, otherwise the Bank will not approve the loan. To this end, he found a number of large banks, the answer is basically the same, calling it bad credit, unable to get loan benchmark interest rates, floating above the need to benchmark 10%. By his own account, his credit report, multiple overdue, bank credit cards, for example, there are 7 times within, which is known after he applied for a mortgage.

Yu suffered just a representative of poor personal credit records, affecting not just mortgages, unsecured loans, car loans, credit cards, all face problems.

low income is not standard
to get loans from banks and other institutions are required to clock out wages, both by banks and a tax deduction of salary, many friends not low income but are cash transfers or the boss, this is not a bank the regular flow of income, banks will not accept loans. Some micro-credit companies, the P2P platform can accept, but higher interest rates.

some applicants, although income was Bank clock in salary, but do not meet the income requirements, and still be shut out. Banks require before-tax income of 4000 Yuan, only 3000 Yuan, that cannot be applied.

small business loan financing your small business enterprise, even the State Department is paying attention. In 2014, held a number of Executive meeting of the State Council, multiple strategies simultaneously cracking the financing problems of small and micro enterprises, financing your problem. According to statistics, the rate of small business bank financing costs years into 12.75%. Among them, the 63% unit financing costs interest cost, fees charged by third parties against the financing costs 37%.

says so much, one may ask then how to get a low interest rate loan? Here are a few ways for reference: (1) compare the different banks and lending institutions, this loan on a platform and (2) have a house or a car, you can apply for a mortgage loan, (3) maintain a good credit record; (4) find a specification for revenue and jobs.