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First time auto loans will encounter problems?

When buying a car, as the car loans market is more mature, many people will choose to apply for a car loan. But, for first handle car loan of friends for inevitably will encountered cannot understanding of situation, answers about members often encountered of problem
whether need mortgage real
usually,, handle car loan whether need mortgage real is no absolute of requirements of, now car loan way has many, borrowing people can according to itself of conditions to for select, as long as has strong of repayment capacity and reimbursement loan of assets proved, so is can without provides mortgage real application car loan of.
0 interest rate car loan whether deal
currently 0 interest rate car loan more by borrowing people welcomes, for, can't help but has many consumers asked, 0 interest rate car loan really so deal did? actually, this also needed according to borrowing people of reality phase combined, although zero interest rate is not to borrowing people charged any of interest, but will involved part of procedures fee, and loan term different, and select models different by charged of procedures fee also different, this also to borrowing people in buy car Shi after a compared only learned that.
loans are of different models have different
different car loan restrictions on models but also different, Bank car loans for cars there is no limit, credit card installment purchase will limit vehicle depending on required borrowers to relevant agencies shall prevail.