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Common car loan three scam revealed four minor issues as you complete

Car dream can come true without worry for the modest purses, car loans became the most fashionable way of consumption, however, car loan market in an increasingly popular at the same time, also highlighted a few issues. We summarized the owners during the loan process often meet several questions and common scams, owners, look over here.
scam, auto loans in the "bundle"?
this kind of bundling our common two scenarios: one is auto shop launched the discount programmes, inexplicably tied. Like, car loan in the we often meets to "low interest rates" "1 Yuan snapped up auto insurance", offers words, but, in many offers package in the, owners is only select which a items, and 1 Yuan auto insurance although contains has motor vehicle stolen rescue and third party insurance, affordable content, and actually need with itself purchase other commercial insurance insurance species, again plus other loan car of additional conditions and car loan of procedures fee, actually than one-time full payment buy car more spent has near million Yuan.
the second situation is when the 4S shop for the car loan procedures, agency 4S shop owners will be asked to specify the insurance company here, you may be asked to steal an extra emergency, glass insurance coverage, was asked to pay a deposit of renewal. Therefore, when you apply for a car loan, bundling occurs would be a "normal" thing, and it takes multiple car comparison of our consumer society, learn more about business "concessions" so as not to spend money.
scam II, and loan contract, and agreement has "mystery"
many when, car of friends are in handle car loan Shi, often seeking car eager, zhiqian no good understand related of costs, plus no a exact of car loan charges standard can for reference, this on to bad car business open, with a charges project transform several name, repeat charges, unwarranted of costs project flying, serious damage has we of interests. You need car friends take a moment, look up relevant information, more contrast, be prevented from falling into these traps.
in addition, many secured car loan company will hype his company's service, check in the borrower granted a lot of commitment. However, auto loans after the contract is signed, these so-called commitment becomes a bad check when looking for their theories, often stay unsettled.
under various pretexts, fees, contracts, protocols, tamper with, not according to the stipulated standards, contracts relating to loans is our common traps. Here to warn the owner, be sure to check out the list of charges, and repayment options are correct.
scam three mandatory provisions, carefully hidden
it is understood that the 4S shops have designated some of its lending banks or companies, consumer loan when buying a car, some operators forced consumers to a specific bank loans or a specified insurance company insurance, and charge exorbitant fees.
loans from financial institutions specified in the 4S shops, seems faster, but complex. Not only lending rates high, consumers are also subject to security, home visits, a wide selection of a variety of high fees. If consumers want to choose a different insurance company, the insurance security deposit may be paid before deductions. Consumers if it is to advance payments, process is complex and costly, financial companies need to reapply, and according to the remaining principal, payment of liquidated damages.
payment if owners encounter during models purchased by the price adjustment, according to the original prices, of course, if prices increase, promoting consumer enthusiasm for car buyers, but if prices fell during this period, the owners still have to follow when the purchase prices of the contract payment. The words, feel more or less venture capital here, in front of the car, car owners better to inquire about the purchase of vehicles offer.
problem, auto loans in the process if they want to change car models do?
If the auto loan process owners want to change car models and cars do not need to fill out the purchase stage application form, owner financing insurance just Contact Manager.
problem, hire car on the spot?
for the consideration of loan risk, dealers and banks will accept payment by installments, the owners have a credit investigation process, after owners of this term to the bus, from the outside, because cars need insurance, certificates and vehicle licensing procedures, and generally require the application take 7 working days to complete. So, for a payment without the car on the spot. During the four-month for
quality problems do?
If during monthly quality problems with vehicles, whether the consumer can obtain a claim? Need to be clear that, during this period if the quality problems with vehicles, vehicle owners are not allowed to use this as an excuse to stop or postpone the payment each period should repay money owed and other charges, and require owners themselves to intervening with the manufacturers of special repair service center. In other words, during the month for car, if the car fails, the most of any solution is maintenance and not to stop the payments. In addition, before the end of month for no, consumers are right to use car ownership, possession, and ownership is the Bank or dealer.