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2015 we will look at the top ten financial scam

&Nbsp;   in recent years, cases of financial fraud has occurred frequently, fraud patterns are endless. "Aspect is not around, the same. "If enemies are known nowadays, cracked the enemy's in daily financial scams are much easier.
      "who made the money, you dominate the road in the world, someone to work for you, some people go to jail for you......," a song that reflects the lure of money lyrics, out through the ages, the number of people jailed because of it, and lose myself. Crooks Scam set up by all sorts of scams, and the people stepped into the scam for more interest, numerous facts to tell people, in addition to resist the lure of money, how the eye to see through the fraud means fraud is especially important.
     scam: Ponzi Ponzi scheme
      is one of the most common investment scams are variations of pyramid schemes, a lot of illegal pyramid selling groups is to use this tactic to amass money. This trick is a speculator named chaersi·pangqi who "invented". Ponzi scheme in China, also known as "robbing Peter to pay Paul", "empty glove White Wolf". In short, it is to old investors using new investor money to pay interest and short-term returns in order to manufacture the illusion of making money, and obtaining more money. Chaersi·pangqi 1920 began working in the investment fraud, about 40,000 people were involved in the scam, deception amounting to $ 15 million, equivalent to us $ 150 million today. Ponzi finally jailed.
      daifu·luosi chain letter scam is the world's most famous chain letter in the first place. More than 20 years ago, the first form of chain letter from the post office to issue, chain letter was entitled "make money fast" letter asked recipients to send a certain amount of money to several names that are listed in the letter name, and then copy the letter mailed to a different address. Chain letter promised, which is to make big money with a small investment, can earn £ 40,000 in 60 days. In China, often texting, QQ groups, micro-blog, the forums, see "forwarding and phone added value", "send this message to 10 friends, 10 charge will be added. I just tried to be true, after the test, please check fees. "Meet such letters and posts, you can ignore it.
      scam: MLM scam
      in 2001, named "women to empower women" pyramid MLM scam objects that become the focus of world newspaper reported this fraud across the United Kingdom, many United Kingdom women suffer huge losses. The way the scam to pay the admission fee, encourage women to invest, promising investment of £ 3000, you can get a return of £ 24,000, tried to take family and friends from the members contact information. Many people lost their membership fee of £ 3000.
      scam: "419 fraud"
      have you ever received an e-mail in English, the writer claimed to be a family of government officials in Nigeria, because of the coup d ' état or corruption exposed, their bank accounts were frozen, need help To transfer tens of millions of dollars, and then ask you to provide funds and bank account details to help them transfer the money and promised to give you good returns, but in fact they will empty your account. This is Nigeria "419 fraud". According to the survey, Nigeria fraud on Internet fraud money amounted to $ 40 million a year.
      scam: lonely-heart scams
      It is often said that love will overshadow the human eye. This may be more and more love-rat through Center of Internet dating fraud reasons. Last July, 6 older women posing as builders, overseas businessmen or widow who left a huge legacy, marriage false advertising in the tabloids, magazines, specifically middle-aged and older men cheating education level is not high, the amount defrauded up to millions of Yuan. Of course, there are "high rich handsome" cheat "golden girl" case.
      scams: lottery scam
      Canada's organized crime gangs to United Kingdom domestic call, tell them the Canada lottery jackpot, lottery, you must pay a certain amount of the handling fee. Despite the poor means, but there is still a lot of British people to be fooled, some even being swindled £ 40,000. Media reports last year, Guiyang people picked up by the roadside "scratch Prize" award of 260,000 yuan, redemption is a fax copy of ID card and bank card account. Such a scam, most easily fooled.
      scam: pyramid pyramid
      90 's of the last century, 70% of Albania family in 5 years time, will be equal to 30% of the country's gross national product a year invest $ 1 billion in the hole, These swindlers promise to investors to pay up to 20%-30% of the month. Albania 2/3 of the population in the most destructive pyramid lost their life savings in pyramid, triggered rioting in the streets, leading to thousands of deaths, nearly caused a civil war in this poor country, finally leading to the fall of the Government. Because from the very beginning, this trick will get government support.
      scam: Cross con
      baluo·keluosi scam is the United Kingdom one of the most infamous hoax in the history. The 80 's of the last century, baluo·keluosi company absorbed the 18,000 private investors ' funds, the victims think they invest in risk-free government bonds. In fact, large sums of money into the company bide·keluosi, the founder of the private accounts. He took the money to buy private jets, luxury cars and mansions and luxury yachts, lived a life of luxury until he was discovered and thrown into prison.
      scam: the scam
      leukemia some crooks know how to touch people's hearts. A few years ago, United States Indiana couple who said their children had suffered from leukemia, hope meets her dream before the child died. Entire towns have been mobilized to contribute, eventually raised $ 13,000. Fact is that their children turned out to be healthy, and with obtaining money and fly to Disneyland in Florida had a big play.
      virtual bank scam in the popular online game second life there was a virtual bank "Ginko Financial", it states that can bring high returns to investors. But the virtual bank will soon collapse, leaving many people unable to get their investment back. Later, there is a bank on the second life, after absorbing a large number of virtual currency--Linden dollars, shut down, while 2.5 million the Bank opened two Exchange Linden dollars for real-world currency $--5000, no longer appeared in second life.