Product classification

Before the the 4 things you have to go

Loan is not a piece on the forehead can make it, the so-called details determine success or failure, of which some detail you have to go and do your homework in advance. At this point, combed by 4 points for you, you may wish to preview.
selects the best products with a variety of loan products, borrower to maintain a perfect calm heart. Brunt of it should be in the product, control products found matching the criteria for, and secondly, right to reverse, according to their needs, seek to save on interest or quick loan products.
2. advance loan officer
as the saying goes, echocardiography as action, find the right product, it is imperative to the loan officer "vindicated", shows that loan interest, comment on your own situation, telephone booking processing time. Worth noting is that loan officers are consistent with most white-collar work, are fixed on the Monday to Friday, you should make time to plan ahead. If there are inconveniences, some loan officers will understand as much as possible, in order to work, at the expense of free time over the weekend, working overtime for you to conduct business, this kind of fight spirit worthy of all praise.
prepare application materials in advance before the appointed time arrived, we should give ourselves to collect the application materials, prepare, for the approval of road. In addition to produce their identity cards and providing copies in addition to also include proof, proof of income and proof of residence, such as a wide range of common materials. Of course, if the lock housing mortgage and property are essential prerequisites. However, despite the General talk, eventually should submit their application materials also are subject to lender requirements.
4. selected candidates participating in the pre-loan investigation early
in addition to receive application materials, business process, loan officer did not forget to allow you to fill in the loan application form, which not only covers personal data, works, there are also spaces make you fill out family and friends and work phone. Small numbers are hidden behind a series of clues, financial institutions will be based on clues to call the past, information about your job, family, and personal hobby background investigations. So, fill in the phone not only real, and to find some reliable friend with you to accomplish great things, do your research.