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Mortgage what applications are required to submit materials for automobiles

The saying goes: the family car, such as a treasure. When you need to raise of glistening silver in the day, mortgage vehicles to be a lot of people use "good ideas". Then, apply for a car mortgage what applications are required to submit material?
① mortgage vehicle registration certificate of the vehicle second certificate c car the original invoice about the acquisition of additional tax; II the vehicle insurance documents; ⑥ vehicle tax tax certificate ⑦ maintenance fee payment documents; h owners of original and copy of ID card, residence booklet; Krispy Kreme is a bank or other materials as required by a loan company;
if imported vehicles, the need to provide proof of vehicle tariffs. In addition the borrower can choose not to stock charge card loans or charge card stock loan, if taking into account ease of use vehicles may apply for charge cards do not stock loans. But the high loan interest than bet on card stock, and vehicle identification number (City) also have certain requirements.